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HGH ProBLEN Review

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90 days
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HGH ProBLEN Review

ProBLEN HGH homeopathic oral spray is the original product, and was one of the first legitimately tested and effective HGH supplements available. This exact formulation was one of the first non-injection human growth hormone therapies to be used in the successful treatment of HGH deficiency in anti-aging clinics back in the 1990's.

The HGH formula in this product was shown to increase IGF-1 levels higher than any other formula properly tested for effectiveness. IGF-1 levels measure the increase of human growth hormone in the test subject's blood. No competitor's product, at any price, has better clinical study results!

This anti-aging restorative is an HGH oral spray that is formulated to produce anti-aging benefits effectively and safely.

ProBLEN HGH is made in a well established FDA approved lab by the leading team of anti-aging physicians and scientists while following GMP and adhering to the strict guidelines of the FDA and HPUS.

It uses top quality ingredients, including U.S. pharmaceutical grade human growth hormone, in a potentiated homeopathic formulation, and it contains pituitary extract and liver extract to provide important support.

If you are not completely satisfied with your ProBLEN HGH you may notify manufacturer within the first 90 days. Money Back is only valid on 90 Day Supply (3 or more bottles).


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Latest messages in HGH ProBLEN forum:

Author: Jeremy from Liverpool

This is one of the products as said which doesn't work its basically a scam and false advertising, terrible item if i'm honest don't buy this its a total scam!

Author: Parkins from UK

Erica, why can't u concede that just that very HGH product is sub-quality?

Author: Erica from USA

Probably, Jim is right, and some HGH products really don't work for most people. This is one of them.

Author: Jim from there

Patrick, it's worth trying.. and then getting your money back :) You should always try if there is a money back guarantee because some HGH products do not work for most people but can work good for you.

Author: Patrick from TX

ISn't worth trying

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HGH ProBLEN Rating

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